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Tasty High Protein Indian Breakfast for Weight Loss

Mornings are the times when everyone is in a rush to get to work after finishing all the chores. As a result of this, having a healthy breakfast more often is overlooked. How about some healthy, yummy, and protein-rich Indian breakfast ideas that will not only help start your mornings on a healthy note, but also aid weight loss in the process?

Here are the protein-rich Indian Breakfast for Weight Loss, which makes your morning nutritious and keep you satiated, so that you don’t have to eat anything else till lunch.

5 Healthy Indian Breakfast for Weight Loss

1. Peanut Butter Granola Bars

The peanut butter granola bar is a perfect and healthy on-the-go snack that can be made in the comfort of your own kitchen. These granola bars are easy to make and gluten-free as well. You can prepare granola bars at home or purchase it from the supermarket.

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2. Oats Idli

When it comes to healthy Indian breakfasts, who can forget Idlis? Idli is a staple breakfast item on weekdays in most homes in India. The oats idlis, consisting of many herbs, spices, and veggies, are healthier and even quicker to prepare compared to the traditional idli recipe. Preparation of oat idlis does not require any fermentation of batter.

3. Vegetable Sandwich

If you are looking to kick-start your day with some healthy breakfast options, sandwiches are something that can be prepared really quickly, especially on a busy morning. The best part about sandwiches is that you can customize them the way you want. However, when you want to have a sandwich for weight loss, you must choose the right ingredients. For example, use multi-grain bread or wheat bread as the base instead of white bread. You can also load it with vegetables like carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. You can use sprouts (high protein and fibre-rich) and CROPINO peanut butter as well to make different varieties of sandwiches at home.

4. Upma

If you are looking for a healthy and hearty breakfast, upma is the perfect one with the South Indian flavour. Loaded with protein-rich urad dal and semolina along with other veggies, this is one breakfast item that you can’t miss out on. Additionally, the grated coconut on top makes this dish even more mouth-watering.

5. Vegetable Paratha

Nothing beats a vegetable paratha paired with curd, pickle, or chutney for a breakfast that keeps you full until lunch and keeps the cravings at bay. All you need to remember is to cook the paratha in high quality vegetable oil, so that it does not interfere with your weight loss. This wholesome vegetable paratha gives you the perfect blend of taste and nutrition.

These Indian Breakfast for Weight Loss ideas are super-satisfying and nutritious. They can also be prepared quickly with a minimum ingredients to save time.

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