Healthy Midnight Snacks

Best Healthy Midnight Snacks To Binge On

Midnight hunger is often difficult to deal with. Even after your best efforts, you are unable to get a good sleep. Your stomach is growling for some delicious snacks, but you ignore them just for the sake of staying healthy and not having those extra calories. Also, who would wake up and prepare a meal, right?

What if I say you can have a delicious midnight snack, which is healthy and tasty, both? Yes, a quick midnight snack can be made with creamy and crunchy peanut butter.

Here are some nutritious light, healthy and no cook late night snacks that you can eat without the guilt of putting on some extra pounds. You can prepare these quick midnight snacks.

5 Healthy Midnight Snacks For Your Hunger

1. Creamy and Crunchy Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

  • Almost everyone loves having a sandwich with peanut butter spread and jelly.
  • This sandwich still can be a great midnight snack.
  • Peanut butter contains an amino acid Tryptophan, which gets converted into melatonin.
  • Melatonin produced by the pineal gland in the brain regulates the circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle), which promotes sleepiness.
  • The carbohydrates present in the jelly and bread make tryptophan more available to the brain.
  • The combination of creamy and crunchy peanut butter paired with jelly and bread is the perfect midnight snack to put you to sleep peacefully and satisfy your hunger.
  • So, next time when you are hungry at midnight, take the peanut butter spread and apply it to the bread loaded with jelly.

2. Peanut Butter and Banana

  • To make this midnight snack, take some peanut butter spread and mix it with the bananas.
  • Bananas contain tryptophan and they are rich in potassium, too.
  • Potassium plays a key role in sleep and serves as a natural muscle relaxant as well.
  • Magnesium present in bananas helps treat sleep-related problems such as insomnia.
  • This combination of creamy and crunchy peanut butter and bananas is not only healthy, but also delicious, making you feel satisfied and filled late at night.

3. Peanut Butter Oatmeal

  • Like most others, you would see oatmeal as an early morning breakfast option. However, it offers benefits during nighttime, too.
  • You can prepare the oatmeal dish with the help of low-fat milk, classic peanut butter, cinnamon, and dry fruits. It is the perfect midnight snack if you are very hungry.
  • Oats contain complex carbohydrates that break down slowly in your body. This keeps the blood glucose levels in check so that they do not interfere with your sleep.
  • The carbs present in oatmeal help the body to produce an adequate amount of serotonin and melatonin that give you a peaceful sleep at night.

4. Popcorn

  • Popcorn can be had anytime, anywhere, even at midnight without worrying about adding those extra calories.
  • You can have popcorn in its natural flavor and texture.
  • However, you also have an option of adding more ingredients like using dried spices, extra flavor, or even CROPINO creamy and crunchy peanut butter.

5. Fresh Veggies and Dips

If you’re craving something delicious and crunchy then fresh veggies are the perfect solution. You can take carrot, cucumber, zucchini, tomatoes, and celery to help you quell the rumbling in your stomach. Enhance the flavour of veggies with CROPINO Honey Mustard Dressing and Thousand Island Dressing.

Try these healthy midnight snacks today!

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