Potato Cheese Croquettes

How to Make Potato Cheese Croquettes

Potato Cheese Croquettes Recipe
    1. Now is the time to prepare potato or aloo cheese croquettes. For that, take one portion of the mashed potato mixture and flatten it. You can use your palms for this. Keep it thick, approximately 50 mm diameter.
    2. Add cheese stuffing in the center of the flattened potatoes. Bring all the sides together gently to make a roll. You can give it any shape. Even if the most common one is the cylindrical shape, you can make it in a round shape like laddoos as well. You can add your creativity in shaping the croquettes if you want to. Now it croquette is ready.
    3. Dip the croquette into the plain flour slurry and then coat it with breadcrumbs by rolling it in it.
    4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for all portions of mashed potato mix and cheese mix to make a total of 24 potato cheese croquettes.
    5. Time to deep fry the croquettes and for that heating oil in a deep frying pan. Keep the stove on a medium flame and deep fry all croquettes in portions.

    Your potato cheese croquettes are ready to serve hot. Serve it with Cropino chilli garlic sauce instead of tomato ketchup. It will add more flavour to it.